Legal Information

The Saint-Gobain Group is committed to and meets the objectives of the Modern Slavery Act.

The Saint-Gobain Group (“the Group”) has been a signatory to the UN Global Compact since 2003 and further added its support to the 2008 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These are aligned to the Group’s Principles of Conduct and Action that explicitly include workers health, safety and employment rights. The Group’s Principles of Conduct and Action specifically refer to, and are informed by, ILO conventions and OECD guidelines.

Since 2009 the Group has pursued an extensive compliance programme to educate and train its employees on the Principles of Conduct and Action and their centrality to the way the Group does business. The compliance programme specifically seeks assurance and confirmation from each company and business that is part of the Group that they are not participating in any way in forced or compulsory labour.

Specifically within Procurement and Supply Chain management, the Group has a Charter for its Purchasing professionals to abide by and undertakes extensive training to ensure clear understanding and implementation.

Since 2012, a Supplier Charter has been introduced that is obligatory for Suppliers, who are asked to sign the Charter as matter of compliance, with specific reference to the elimination and rejection of forced labour.

This is reinforced with 3rd party audits, utilising the widely recognised Ecovardis methodology and on site auditing of the Group’s supply chain as appropriate and necessary.

The Group has a clear Whistleblowing Policy and actively encourages the reporting and exposure of unethical behaviour.

All matters raised either via whistleblowing or through the auditing processes are diligently investigated and appropriate action is taken in accordance with the Group’s compliance standards.

The Group continues to build on the approach deployed to ensure that it operates free from enforced labour, human trafficking and slavery.

To learn more about Saint-Gobain's commitment to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 please click here.